Other Ways to Order

Other On-line Options

amazon.com — So far nothing beats amazon. They ship all our books within 24 hours, and their prices are always suggested retail or below.

barnesandnoble.com — This is a very attractive and professional site, and prices for our books are also suggested retail…however, they carry our books only as “special order” items which require 4 weeks to ship. Still, if you’re not in a hurry, this is a good choice.

borders.com — Another good choice, a fun site to navigate. But they have two strikes against them at least for now: They also do our books via “special order” which requires 4 weeks to ship. And for some reason, they charge more for the titles we’ve checked on. Our suggestion — browse the site, then make your purchase at amazon.

chapters.ca — This is the place if you’re purchasing on-line in Canada. This is a terrific site, the company is pleasant to deal with, and although they carry most books via special order, they do their best to ship quickly and are in touch with us regularly. amazon.uk.co — This is the IT on-line store for the U.K. and they have just recently added our books to their site. The site is a delight – take a look.

Comparison Shopping

We recently found a site which compares prices among the “Big Three” (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders). You might like to take a look at allbookstores.com.

In-person Book Store Purchases

For chain stores, we find that both Barnes & Noble and Borders are excellent choices most anywhere in the U.S. We enjoy dealing with both on a regular basis, because our authors do book signings in their stores all over the U.S. In any store where our authors have signed, our books are on the shelves; in stores our authors haven’t visited yet, our titles are easily ordered. And it’s fun to browse these beautiful stores while you sip some java.

For specialty stores, we work with the Samuel French Bookstores for “Act Right” by Erin Gray and Mara Purl. “Act Right” is in all the Samuel French stores – Los Angeles (both locations), New York, and London.

For privately owned stores, two of our favorites are The Tattered Cover in Denver, Colorado, and Vroman’s in Pasadena, California. We’re always looking for more independents because we love to support privately owned book stores. If you have one of these great book stores in your area, let us know!