The Allie Armington Mysteries

by Louise Gaylord


The first in the Allie Armington Mystery series..

Nothing’s Sure but Death in Texas!

Allie Armington is a bright, successful and self-reliant young Texas attorney coming up to the top of her game. But that independent streak just might be the death of her. Of course, she doesn’t admit it until she’s about thigh deep in a conspiracy involving cattle, oil and drugs… and the man she once thought she was going to marry until he ended up with her best friend.


X’s has it all: seX, eXcitement, eXcess, an eXecution, eXtreme situations and eXtraordinary twists. Allie Armington’s back and she’s gotten herself miXed up in a police investigation of a seX and drugs operation run by an elite East Coast monied set. More great characters. More hold-your-breath moments. More surprises. If you liked Anacacho, you’ll love Xs. It’s eXcellent.

Spa Deadly

Hollywood Book Festival Winner Audio - FictionWinner – Gold Hollywood Book Award for Audio Fiction

It’s not that it’s so easy to say yes, it’s just always too hard to say no.

When a phone rings, you answer it. When your sister invites you to a super deluxe spa getaway, you say sure . When your boyfriend tells you he ll miss you, you swoon.

You have that phone because you want people to call you. You have that sister because she takes care of you and you take care of her and it s always both and never neither. You have that boyfriend because he makes you realize that your present has a future.

And you let all the world come into your life because it fulfills you and it surprises you and it keeps you alive. Except sometimes the opposite is true. Sometimes all the innocent acts and good intentions and happy expectations lead not to life but to death. To murder….

Dark Lake

Things are rough in the Andironacks…. In fact, they’re murder.

This time she’s in the Adirondacks, and it’s really personal. A long time ago Allie was summarily ordered away from her extended family’s summer enclave. Her return is nothing like what she expected. Instead of the tranquil retreat she remembers, the place is a murder site. Visiting Hotanawa was always a dream to remember. This visit turns into a nightmare she’d rather forget.