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The Bahnburner

by Charles S. Clark, adapted by Mara Purl

Audio Drama production with full cast, sound effects and music

Winner – 1st Place CIPA EVVY Book Award

Charlie thought he and his wife had gone to Germany to visit their grandkids and enjoy a vacation. Instead, they witness a vicious old Nazi commit murder on the Autobahn. Though it’s not possible for the police to discover who committed the crime, Charlie encounters the perpetrator accidentally and challenges him to a racing dual on the autobahn. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Can a 50-year-old American car take on the powerful Mercedes and find justice in a deadly high-speed race? Hold onto your seat and your ear drums, and prepare for an adventure that’ll burn up your imagination in… The Bahnburner!
Cast Photos  |  Cast & Crew in Studio

The Gathering Storm in America

A Prelude to the Founding Documents Trilogy

Featuring the Chronology of Events Preceding American Independence

Winner – Gold Independent Press Award for Audio Non-Fiction

Performed by a professional cast of seasoned actors, and carefully written and researched by a historian and playwright, this fascinating series of personal manifestos marches the listener through events and decisions that amassed as collective forces that gathered over the Colonies like storm clouds heavy with menace, sparking heated debate and deluging the citizenry with such intolerable burdens that this portentous period could only be described as The Gathering Storm in America!
Cast Photos  |  Cast & Crew in Studio

Independence Now!

The First of the Founding Documents Trilogy

Featuring the Declaration of Independence

Performed by a professional cast of seasoned actors, and carefully written and researched by a historian and playwright, this riveting drama sweeps the listener into a chapter of history ripped from the headlines of the late 1700s. The future of the Colonies hung in the balance. Would the founding fathers and mothers be executed for high treason, or would they sign the document that would mean. . . Independence Now!
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Mary Shelley – In Her Own Words

A play adapted from the writing of Mary Shelley by Sydney Swire and Mara Purl

Winner – The Peak Award for Creative Excellence

Performed by Mara Purl.  Includes music, sound effects, and the voices of Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein and the Monster.

CD $14.95 — Runtime: 40 minutes

Historians Proper

by S. David Acuff, published by Bravo Bay Books
Audio Drama production with narration, cast, sound effects and music

Bravo Bay Books is proud to present the world of Historians Proper.

Alex Caldwyn is out of time. All the cybernetics and biomeds in New Domain won’t be able to save his fiancé, Valerie, from her rare disease.

It’s Time-11. The Earth has been rebooted 10 times. Ten different space-time folds caused by 10 time-travel singularities. The crazier part is there’s a secret group that remembers each and every one of those alternate Earths. They call themselves the Journeymen.

There are hundreds of Journeymen just like Alex. Covert resistance guardians who protect the fabric of space-time before it destabilizes beyond repair. The problem is that one more space-time fold could save Valerie’s life. So, Alex must decide whether to uphold his pledge to the Order he swore by or to save the commoner that he loves. And this is only the beginning of Historians Proper.

©2019 S. David Acuff

This One Will Kill You

A suspenseful radio play by David L. Krebs

Performed by David L. Krebs and Mara Purl.  Includes music and sound effects.  Written and produced in the style of Old Time Radio’s “Suspense”.
Cast & Crew in Studio

CD $11.95 — Running time: 20 minutes

Room 3005 & The Manager

A Tale of Chance, Risk & Romance

by Frank Victoria

Would you take a chance if it meant finding love at last? Juana Ortiz thought the guy was just another hotel guest whose room she had to service. Michael Rossi thought this trip was just another escape to visit his money in Las Vegas. But when an unexpected series of notes passes between two strangers, something stirs each of them to action. This short story is followed by a haunting and endearing sports tale.

CD $14.95 — Runtime: 48 minutes
Includes Bonus Story: The Manager

The Ultimate Bet

A suspenseful audio play by Frank Victoria

Performed by Christopher Law, Tim Byron Owen, J.D. Carter and Narrated by Mara Purl includes music and sound effects.
Cast & Crew in Studio

CD $14.95 — Running time: 48 minutes

A Christmas Carol

The Classic Tale by Charles Dickens

Adapted for Audio by Raymond Purl

Performed by Raymond Purl and the KCME Players

CD $12.95 — Running time: 48 minutes

Milford-Haven, U.S.A.

The BBC Radio Phenomenon!

Finalist – Silver New York Festival Award for Radio Drama

Episodes 1-4

(Volumes 1 & 2)

  1. “Welcome to Milford-Haven”
  2. “Discoveries”
  3. “Secret Gifts”
  4. “Driving Home”

2 CDs 19.95
Running Time: approx. 92:00 minutes

Episodes 5-8

(Volumes 3 & 4)

  1. “Weaving Tangled Webs”
  2. “It’s A Date”
  3. “Reunion Concert”
  4. “Under Cover”

2 CDs 19.95
Running Time: approx. 92:00 minutes

Episodes 9-12

(Volumes 5 & 6)

  1. “Hot Lunch”
  2. Danger in the Deep”
  3. “Taking a Hit”
  4. “The Trap”

2 CDs 19.95
Running Time: approx. 92:00 minutes