Haven Books Consulting

You’ve always wanted to write a book . . . or two or three? You don’t how to start?

Or . . . you’re an accomplished author looking to focus your brand and create dynamic marketing? You’re a playwright ready to launch your production on stage or as an audio drama? We love authors and believe in supporting authorship as a calling!

Haven Books is a boutique author and publishing consulting service located in Los Angeles, California and in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

At Haven Books, we do “synergy publishing”—pulling together a team to fully realize your marketing plan whether you are indie-published, or traditionally published. We don’t use the term “self” publishing, because when you hire an expert you have gone beyond “self.” We do not offer any “off the rack” publishing-packages. Instead, think of us as a contour boutique who listens carefully to your goals, then creates a tailored plan to help you fulfill your author dream.

We can see you through the entire process, first draft through published work. Or we can help you with specific segments.

Our author rate is $150 per hour.
Our corporate rate is $250 per hour.
Receive a tailored quote for your project at no charge!

  • Overview of a complete publishing project from start to finish including timeline and budgeting, writing, editing and marketing
  • Editing—all levels
    • Beginners (those who have never written, or have written for other media);
    • Intermediate (those who have done some writing but want to achieve a higher level regarding structure, narration, dialogue and syntax)
    • Advanced (those who are already successful authors and are looking for a breakthrough in self-expression and narrative voice. We love working with authors)
  • Historical research
  • POD printing complete set-up with Lightning Source and other firms
  • Book design, layout, formatting
  • Cover concept and design
  • Print Brokering—we work with several printing firms and can refer or manage your job
  • Special Event Planning including book festivals, author signings, luncheon and tea author events
  • Branding and integrity of marketing messaging
  • Press releases, PR and press relations
  • Marketing Campaign Overview
  • Web Site Concepts & Designs