Haven Books Memoir

Katherine Doughtie Nolan

Katherine Doughtie Nolan’s

Aphrodite in Jeans

Adventure Tales About Men, Midlife and Motherhood

2006 EVVY Award

Silver (Second Place) Memoire

Aphrodite in Jeans Readers’ Comments

“Your words are powerful, with so much hard-won truth to them. You dance with wild steps I can feel in my own muscles…”
— Bridget Agabra Goldstein

“I have just finished reading all of the excerpts from your stories. You walk the reader through such huge a range of emotions, in such an intimate way – it’s incredible. And your use of analogies, as always, is brilliant. I think the best way to express in a nutshell what I think is to tell you that I read each excerpt, in turn, the same thought went through my mind: ‘well, perhaps this is my favorite.’”
— Valerie Ciconne

“I’ve got to say how impressed I was with your book excerpts. They really resonated with where life seems to be at this age. My hat’s off to you! Can’t wait to read the whole thing!”
— Robh Ruppel