Haven Books Consulting

We are a dynamic group of authors, editors, designers, printers and marketers. We’re here not only for each other, but also for you!

Our author rate is $150 per hour.
Our corporate rate is $250 per hour.
Receive a tailored quote for your project at no charge!

  • Overview of a complete publishing project from start to finish including timeline and budgeting, writing, editing and marketing
  • Editing—all levels
    • Beginners (those who have never written, or have written for other media);
    • Intermediate (those who have done some writing but want to achieve a higher level regarding structure, narration, dialogue and syntax)
    • Advanced (those who are already successful authors and are looking for a breakthrough in self-expression and narrative voice. We love working with authors)
  • Historical research
  • POD printing complete set-up with Lightning Source and other firms
  • Book design, layout, formatting
  • Cover concept and design
  • Print Brokering—we work with several printing firms and can refer or manage your job
  • Special Event Planning including book festivals, author signings, luncheon and tea author events
  • Branding and integrity of marketing messaging
  • Press releases, PR and press relations
  • Marketing Campaign Overview
  • Web Site Concepts & Designs